Stagemonitor the easy way.

Get your uniqe Stagemonitor-ID, and start using it straigt away. is in beta and free of charge for now. Use on your own risk.

How does it work?

Start by creating you unique Stagemonitor-ID. You will be directed to the control room, where you can easely add countdowns, fill out whats happening "Now" and write notes or messages to keep everyone informed.

In the control room, you will find the URL itself for the your stagemonitor. Bring it up on any laptop, tablet or share it with your remote speakers/guest to keep them informed.

Control with Bitfocus Companion

Easely control with Bitfocus Companion via "HTTP Generic" and GET-commands.

Example below, just replace "YOUR_ID" with your unique ID, "HOURS" with hours, "MINUTES" with minutes and "SECONDS" with seconds. Write "0" for nothing.

Example for 10 minute countdown


Any feedback is more than welcome! Please reach out to